I’m glad you somehow found this small corner of the internet, a place where I want to write about ServiceNow. I assume you already know what that is, or else you’ll probably be as bored by this site as my wife is when I try to talk about it to her.

I am a passionate person who somehow got wrapped up in the ITSM platform and over the past 5 years and it has taken me from a job and into a career. I greatly enjoy talking and thinking about how to make things work, designing systems in a general sense and simply creating. ServiceNow happened to be the platform that allowed me to easily implement these ideas into reality and I’ve been hooked ever since.

My intentions with this site are to share thoughts, efforts and code related to work I am doing or goals I’d love to achieve in ServiceNow. I would be immensely satisfied if up-and-coming admins or seasoned vets shared there thoughts on my efforts or argue with me about why they are completely wrong. I like arguing.

Then again, maybe like most other blogs in my past, it will get 3 posts and die like my rosemary and thyme patio herb garden project.